Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fantasy league week twelve

WEEK ELEVEN RESULTS: I can't believe it's almost over! Only a couple of more episodes to EVER appear on Bravo. It's so terrible I could cry. Suede followed the script that's been written for him and was sent packing this week, which was a surprise after seeing how much the judges disliked Kenley's outfit. But Kenley has impressed the judges much more than Suede, and she makes better TV! We can't wait to see more fireworks between her and the judges. It was a small field competing this week, so here are the tallies. Rachel and I both netted a perfect score of 30, and Andrea finished with 15 points. (These totals will be changed if this week's episode reveals that four designers do indeed go to fashion week). MY PICKS: This is a tough one, who goes home? The one with the bad attitude or the one who (I think) is the weakest designer. Kenley or Jerrell? Leanne could also be in trouble with several shaky weeks. And does Korto have enough of a voice to make it to the end? Would they really let it be an all-female finale? I think Jerrell is toast, and I think Leanne will take the win. But I think it will be very close! Only two picks this week, each worth 10 points. Our 10-point bonus question is: Will Leanne cry? The promos reveal everyone but her sobbing! I say no.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fantasy league week eleven

WEEK TEN RESULTS: We're over Kenley. She's definitely talented, but she knows it, which is the real problem. And she doesn't mind reminding people of that. Since we're getting near the end it's time to do a point tally so far this season, only a few more weeks to go! Rachel is in the lead with 175, with me coming in second with 165. Kate and Andrea are just a hair behind with 160 points each. Bringing up the rear are Dave with 70, Mariah with 65 and Brad with 25. MY PICKS: I think Suede is done. I think he's been done for awhile, but this week it's official. I also think Kenley will finish in the bottom two. I think it's Korto's time to win, and I think Jerrell, against my better judgment, will also finish in the top two. I'm still loving Leanne though, but I don't think this is her week. Bonus question of the week: Will it be a final four going to Bryant Park for the finals or will it be a final three? I say no, it will be a final three, but I think it will be a tough call for the judges.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fantasy league week nine

WEEK EIGHT RESULTS: Three of the designers are definitely pulling ahead of the pack. My prediction is Leanne, Kenley and Korto in the final three. I definitely think Leanne is coming up strong, her dress this week was drop-dead gorgeous, very reminiscent of the coral Michael Kors dress Charlize Theron wore to the Academy Awards a few years ago, except better! Korto's dress was also stunning with the flash of yellow at the leg. It was not Stella's week though, our poor New York rocker was sent back to her boyfriend Ratbones. As for scoring, Kate took the lead with 30 points, but not too far behind were Andrea, Rachel S. and Dave with 25 points each. I followed with 20 and Mariah came in with 15. There's still plenty of time, though. MY PICKS: I'm so over Blake. I just want him to go away. His clothes are just weird. But I think he has another week left in him. How does he keep squeaking by? I think Jerrell's bad taste will finally be exposed, and I think Terri will fall flat as well, with the shocker being Terri going home! I'm going to pick Korto for the win, with Leanne also finishing in the top. As for our bonus question this week: Will any of the designers cry? I vote yes!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hula and happiness

WE'RE GETTING MAUIED: It's a week of fun in the sun for me, so I'm taking a much-needed break. But catch us back in two weeks for more from your favorite blog!

Fantasy league week eight

WEEK SEVEN RESULTS: They finally put Keith out of his misery this week and sent him home. Like no one could see that one coming. Leanne rocked what was one of the best challenges of the season with a beautiful dress straight off Gautier's runway. It was so beautiful. Korto also made a pretty coat from seatbelts, but we're glad Leanne took the win, she definitely deserved it. Is she the dark horse of the competition? Her creations always have an interesting architectural touch, and she's one of the nicest designers of the bunch. We did pretty well as a group last week, with Kate, Andrea and I netting 25 points, Rachel 20 and Mariah 15. MY PICKS: I really think, and hope, that Blayne is toast this week. The guy has a serious lack of taste. I'm also going to pick Joe for the bottoms two. The guy needs some camera time at some point, right? I think Kenley is going to impress Diane Von Furstenburg and take the win, and I think Terri will also finish in the top. As for our bonus question this week: Let's try it one last time, will Blayne mention his tanning? I'm going with yes, on his way out the door!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fantasy league week seven

WEEK SIX RESULTS: It was a crazy challenge last week, and featured the greatest line every spoken in the show's history, when Tim Gunn told Blayne that his outfit looked like a pterodactyl in a gay Jurassic Park. Joe's outfit was pretty hot, and he deservedly one. Who doesn't love Ann-Margaret? But we have a bit of a bone to pick with the judges when it comes to the losers. Keith's outfit was a joke, much worse than the outfit Daniel created. But Daniel was inexplicably sent home, we imagine based on past failings. But at least he created an item of clothing that looked like more than a roll of a toilet paper my cat tore up. We didn't do much better than Keith with our picks this week, Andrea finished with 15, Kate, Rachel and I with 10, and Dave with 5. MY PICKS:I think the fat lady has sung for Keith this week, I'm predicting he'll be aufed. I think Blayne will also join him in the bottom two, isn't anyone else sick of him yet? I think it's time for Kenley to finish on top again, and I think Suede will be a runner-up for the win. For our bonus question this week: Will Michael Kors call something too mother-of-the-bride in a flashback to last season? I say no, but it would be so awesome if he did!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fantasy League week six

WEEK FIVE RESULTS: I think Kenley is a force to be reckoned with, no doubt. The judges seem to love her, and she racked up another win this week with her joint effort with Keith. The skirt/blouse combo they made for Brooke Shields was totally wearable, and very cute. I'd love to wear it, and there are few outfits from the show I can say that about. Also finishing near the top were Jerrell (shudder) and Stella, who created a cute silhouette, albeit with tacky fabrics. Kelli was justifiably ousted for a hideous Betty Boop-gone-bad suit. Almost everyone pretty much nailed many of their picks this week, with Kate and Rachel finishing on top with 25 points apiece. I was not far behind with 20 points, Mariah and Andrea netted 15, and David got 5. As we approach the halfway point of the season, here's where everyone stands: Kate, 65; Me, 75; Rachel, 80; Brad, 25; David, 30; Andrea, 65; Mariah, 35. It's still anyone's game! MY PICKS: Blayne is toast this week. I definitely think he's going home, and not a week too soon. In the bottom with him is going to be Daniel, who the judges really seem to hate. As for the winner, I'm going to go with Suede, he of the annoying habit of referring to himself in the third person. I wouldn't want to hang out with him, but I'd wear what he made me. I'm also going to go with Korto finishing in the top. As for our bonus question this week: Will Blayne refer to his tanning? I say yes, after he's kicked out he's going to say at least he can go tan now!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fantasy league week five

WEEK FOUR RESULTS: Well, I may not always be right, but when I am, I am soooo right. Jerrell confirmed my justification in hating him last week with his Little Bo Peep interpretation of an outfit suited for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. It was really beyond words. I have no idea what he was thinking. But he was saved by Jennifer's prim sweater set. Have these people never seen a sporting event before? Most of them really crashed and burned, with Terri, Korto and Joe being the exceptions to the rule. It was a small field of players this week, Andrea, Rachel and I all netted 20 points (holla!), and Kate was just behind with 15. MY PICKS: I'm gunning for Blayne, Stella and my man Jerrell to go home, however I think Jerrell will be spared once more, with the other two being in the bottom two. I think Blayne will be going home. I think Kelli and Kenley will be in the top two, with Kenley claiming the win once more. As for the bonus question this week: Let's go with, will someone cry? I say yes, there will be tears!

Don't stop decorating

STYLING WONDERS: I'm in the middle of decorating my bedroom right now, and I've been inspired by '70s style, think "Three's Company" and Mrs. Roper. Or, a better way to put that, is Fleetwood Mac. I've gone with a wicker chair and plush white rugs for my bedroom, much like those seen here, and I've added a mix of textiles to add depth to the room. Working off this old band photo, I chose black and white graphic pillows, similar to Christie McVie's blouse, to contrast with the white rugs in the room. The World Market iron wall hanging, above, keeps with the natural vibe of the wicker and wool. Last but not least, yurdan.com sells beautiful Uzbeki suzanis that make great bed coverings or wall hangings. They add a bohemian vibe to the room while still keeping things pretty. If you're scared to go too '70s, you can forego the wicker for wood, but try to stick with natural furniture to keep an organic feeling.